Program Information

The Stanford Science Circle is suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year. We encourage you to explore our other academic enrichment programs.


For further information on program policies and other Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies STEM resources, please see below.
An instructor at Stanford Science Circle leads a lecture from the front of the classroom.

Tuition Questions

What is the tuition used for?

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The tuition fee covers expenses for session leaders, website maintenance, administrative costs, and use of the Stanford University facilities.

Why is the Stanford Science Circle (Grades 7–8) tuition higher?

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The tuition reflects programming differences between the two offerings. Stanford Science Circle (Grades 7–8) has smaller class sizes and more hands-on activities than the high school level class.

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies General Questions

What are other science resources for pre-collegiate students?

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At Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, young students passionate about the sciences can explore the world of scientific discovery. We have a number of programs that focus on the sciences. 

  • Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes is a residential program of intensive, enrichment courses, including courses in Theory of Relativity, Java & Robotics, Engineering, Cosmology, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioscience & Biotechnology.
  • Stanford University-Level Online Math & Physics offer largely self-paced courses designed for students who have advanced beyond AP Physics and want to earn Continuing Studies credit.
  • Stanford Medical Youth Science Program is for low-income 11th and 12th graders from Northern California and the Central Valley, providing them with expsoure to health careers and assistance with college preparation.
  • Stanford AI4ALL engages 9th-grade young women in the ever-evolving study of artificial intelligence. 

For other opportunities at Stanford please refer to the Stanford Office of Science Outreach

Will attending a Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies program improve the chances of getting into Stanford?

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Many colleges and universities are familiar with the rigor and academic level of Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programs. However, the fact that a student has participated in a given program, activity, or work is not in and of itself the value-add to their college application. What is most valuable is how students learn, grow, and develop their talents and curiosity because of these experiences.

Stanford University’s undergraduate admissions process is separate and independent from Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programs. As with any extracurricular activity, participation in this program can help students present themselves as strong candidates, but does not guarantee admission into Stanford University.