Program Information

The Stanford Science Circle is suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year. We encourage you to explore our other academic enrichment programs.

An instructor hands out pens to her class for an activity.

Stanford Science Circle

Stanford Science Circle, an academic enrichment program from Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, offers quarter-long classes for local middle and high school students who are interested in exploring the vast and exciting world of science.

Deepen Your Passion for Science

Stanford Science Circle promotes science interest and career awareness through engaging lectures and hands-on activities. These programs are for students who are passionate about science and who want to explore new ideas with motivated peers.
Middle and High School Engagement
We offer Stanford Science Circle sessions for Grades 7–8 and Grades 9–12.
Academic Outreach
Stanford Science Circle helps connect researchers with the local community, allowing Bay Area students to dive deep into a scientific field.
Hands-On Learning
Experiments, demonstrations and group activities offer participants the opportunity to explore topics in science outside of the standard science curriculum.
Expert Instructors
Participants learn directly from faculty, researchers, postdoctoral scholars and expert instructors from Stanford and the local Bay Area science community.

Program Information

Lectures from Stanford researchers and other scientists in the Bay Area community are held on the Stanford campus. The program is offered throughout the academic year with each academic quarter representing a different science theme. Each session is 10-weeks. Students must apply each quarter.

Stanford Science Circle (Grades 7–8)

With a class size of just 24 participants, Stanford Science Circle allows middle school students to explore exciting topics in science, participate in hands-on activities and demonstrations, and engage with an expert instructor in a small classroom environment.

Stanford Science Circle (Grades 9–12)

High school participants have the chance to listen to lectures from Stanford faculty and other scientists, diving deep into a subject area at a level that goes beyond the typical school curriculum.